Grilling experiment gone awry

It’s bad enough to have a greasy grill fire leave your dinner an indistinguishable pile of char.

But then to have your neighbors witness the event?  {sigh}

If I could see myself, I might have been amused.  After all, what the neighbor saw was me coming back outside (after having discovered the fire) with a big box of baking soda, calmly walking over saying, “Oh, yes, I have a fire, thank you,” in response to his slightly alarmed expression and gestures at the grill, and dousing it with the white powder.  No need to panic.  I have handled a greasy grill fire once or twice…or a dozen times.

Note to self: cooking bacon on the grill, even in a closed pan, is not a good way to avoid kitchen heat.

3 thoughts on “Grilling experiment gone awry

  1. I don't blame you for trying to avoid the kitchen heat. I have banned oven use this week and can only imagine how you must feel in the south. Sorry it didn't turn out so well for you though!

  2. But a valiant effort nonetheless!! Your boyscouts would be proud….!

  3. Oh, yes! The baking soda trick. Margaret came home from kindergarten with a decorated coffee can full of baking soda – it has been my guardian angel/lifesaver next to the stove ever since. Refilled a few times!

    I think most of us would have liked to have been a fly on the wall to see your neighbor's expression – how high did the eyebrows go up when you spoke so calmly & matter-of-factly? Or just a head shake?

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