Kid Talk

What do you call those camper’s desserts made with marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate?

Mary and Peter called them “Snores.”

I agree.  Eat them, then GO TO BED.

Speaking of, have you seen the graham crackers conveniently shaped as squares just for fireside snacking?  Very cool.

2 thoughts on “Kid Talk

  1. Our friends across the street just introduced us to chocolate marshmallows for s'mores/snores. Just when I thought that warm gooey deliciousness couldn't get any better…

  2. At the family campout for AHG in May several moms watched Michael signing more with his sticky hands as the letter 'S'. They decided the sign for s'mores is “more” with 'S' hands.
    Joseph found GIANT marshmellows at CVS (please don't ask WHY I had my children at CVS while on vacation). I can't recommend them as they don't get hot all the way through and thus don't smush properly to melt the chocolate. Although they effectively stop the debate about one or two s'mores per person. One GIANT marshmellow is all Evil Mom Lady will allow any child prior to bed. Or any time really.
    My husband had never had a s'more until we met. I think it's unAmerican myself but then introducing someone to them is fun too.
    Might have to go make some tonight. I am sure that will help baby not be over 9 lbs….

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