4 thoughts on “Drying Rack

  1. We went to visit Mt. Vernon this week and in the laundry out-building, they had a whole set of information on drying the linens and clothes outside. Apparently, if you lay the whites on the grass itself, the chlorophyl in the grass helps bleach the stains. Who knew?? I just had visions of white sheets being trampled in my backyard by sweaty boys with dirty feet….!!

  2. Lovely bun in your hair! ;o)

    I have something like this, though the two I have are chrome. I use them outside on the deck in the summer, and inside, in front of the woodstove in the winter. I'm not always vigilant with every load in the winter, but at least I do the towels. I also figure it's helping to humidify the house. I hope.


  3. Those circular racks are not all they're cracked up to be…I used one last summer and then took it back out in March–but it couldn't handle the March winds while fully loaded. Bent right in half about a foot above the ground.

    I still can find the base hole as Big Brother cemented it in for me. Now I'm using it for a beach umbrella when I'm supervising the pool. Big Brother has now made me a T-pole clothesline for the yard. Only a couple of years before your boys can build you stuff 🙂 Or do you trust Fritz with the power tools already?

  4. Barb, the base hole was cemented in, but this grass, if it is grass, is very creeping. And I had trouble with the rack anyway…I'm not too upset that we can't find it. It definitely had trouble with winds, especially if the weight of laundry wasn't perfectly balanced.

    I like the beach umbrella idea!

    This drying rack required a drill to put it together…the dowels did not have the screw holes pre-drilled because it would have been very difficult to line them up exactly on our end. My FIL was visiting, so I had him supervise Fritz who put it together. So, my Scout is becoming very handy. A few more years, and he'll have free reign with the tools.

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