Big Successes

With 4 kids gone this week, I set as a goal to get most everything ready for next year’s school year.

For the record, we’re not completely done with this year.

But I really want to enjoy my summer and not have school planning hanging over my head all July.  So, I have sorted and inventoried my books, made lists of what I need to purchase, and, best of all, done the lesson plans for all 5 students for the whole year.  This is a tedious job.

Everybody has their own system, but, for me, what works is a weekly checklist of all the assignments.  Yes, quite often my students are shuffling through multiple pages when they get behind in certain areas, but it really helps us to see how much we have left to do.  I use Mother of Divine Grace with minimal substitutions, so I just plop those lesson plans into an Excel spreadsheet.  Then I print out all 32 weeks and take it to Staples where they will spiral-bind it for a small fee.  Last year I printed the 32 weeks on 16 pages, but I didn’t like that, so I’m back to 32 pages.

The younger grades are, obviously, a bit easier to do since I saved the files.  It’s the oldest child whose lesson plans take the most time.  And I finished that this morning – WOOHOO!  I am doing a victory dance.

If you use MODG and would like to have these checklists, I will happily share my hours of labor with you.  I have through Grade 8.  I make no guarantees of accuracy, or promises that you will like my abbreviations.  Some subjects still require you to look at the syllabus, and I may have added or subtracted things (for example: piano practice is on the top beginning in Grade 2).  But the spreadsheets are able to be edited.  Let me know if you are interested.

6 thoughts on “Big Successes

  1. I do something similar, but I use Homeschool Tracker Plus. After two years, I am still in love! I will do my planning in a few weeks, and hopefully have the same result – finished!!

  2. Michelle, that's truly inspired. Why wasn't I inspired the same way?!? I unfortunately am running on a Mac w/o windows or it's programs. Otherwise I would very happily hitch a ride.

  3. Very impressive to be so organized…

  4. Oh, Michelle, I am so very, very interested. I am freaking out about this summer, getting one ready for college, two for their high school, having a new baby, and then putting together the curriculum for the younger kids (which would be MODG, which I have used for years, but never did the excel wonderfulness you have). Oh, so, so interested.

  5. What grades, Renee? I'll send them right over.

  6. I'll have a 5th, 7th, 1st and 3rd. I have the syllibi, but your system sounds more adaptable to real life. Thanks for your kind offer. I know it will be a help to me!

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