pretty, happy, funny, real

round button chicken

I’m playing along with Leila today.


The girls performed their dance recital at a local Easter Egg hunt on Holy Saturday.  Pretty and graceful.


I got this chaise lounge for free from friend and fellow blogger, Katherine.  It has spent the last 2 years in two garages awaiting re-covering.  When I found out that there was a woman in town who did re-upholstery, and she had reasonable prices, I asked my husband if it was OK to take it in. 

“Oh, you mean that thing in the garage I keep tripping over?  YES.  Please get it recovered.”

Happy husband AND happy wife.


Alexander the Great

“Mom.  I’m gonna paint that guy.”

I consider that premeditation.


I bought two of those large bouncing balls at the store.  Cheap fun.

Well, not so cheap fun when they play indoors and break your favorite statue of the Blessed Mother.

8 thoughts on “pretty, happy, funny, real

  1. Sorry about your statue :(, but I love the “new” chaise. I'd like to have one of those myself someday.

  2. Oooh, I've always wanted a chaise like that.

    Sorry about the statue, hugs.

  3. LOVE the chaise! Sad about Mary. 😦

  4. The chaise is beautiful! Love the fabric choice,

  5. Poor Mary. Well, I know what they can give you for Mother's Day!

  6. Sorry about Mary. Hopefully she can be reglued. Glad Bill's tank didn't get hit as well. That may have pushed him over the edge. 🙂

    The girls look cute and the chaise lounge is VERY nice.

  7. Oh, you are making me wish that I had kept it!
    No, I think I did a good thing giving it a new home and you did a good thing getting rid of that nasty fabric and having it reupholstered in a lovely fabric choice.

  8. Number one rule in this boy household: NO throwing/bouncing balls in the house. It gets repeated regularly. Poor Mary!!

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