Short and sweet

It takes about 90 minutes of brisk walking to work off the calories in 2 oz of chocolate.

Get moving.


Thanks to Peter, we now know the opposite of “gooder” – meaning “more good than”.


My spell check is freaking out.


Do your kids play the “Punch Buggy” game?

Mine do, but Mary is a little off. 

For her, it’s “Punch Billy.”

“Punch Billy, Yellow!” she’ll say.

My husband responds, “Punch Billy, Black!”

My line is “Punch Billy, Blue!”


In New Jersey, road-side stands on Holy Saturday are filled with potted spring flowers: lillies, tulips, daffodils and hyacinths.  Every color imaginable.  Grocery stores compete.

I got very used to that when we lived there, but I’ve not seen it anywhere else since…at least not to that extent.  I had a hard time finding any spring flowers this past weekend, and I paid a boatload for the 4 plants I did purchase.

I don’t ever plan to live there again, but I can sure miss the state once a year.


I managed to surprise my husband yesterday and gave him a small party in honor of his completing his Master’s degree.  Yesterday, I had a meeting on post, and I typically go out to lunch with him afterward.  I had planned the surprise with his administrative assistant to occur at lunchtime.  On Easter Sunday, I casually asked if we could have lunch on Tuesday.  He said, unfortunately, that he could not because of an urgent meeting that had been set up on Friday at the last minute.  A few more questions proved to me that this was no ruse by his coworkers to cover the surprise.  I had a few moments of panic, but decided that we would have to hold the party at 11 am whether I was there or not.  Fortunately, my meeting ended early and all was well.


Lastly, I have a prayer request.  My BIL is supposed to leave some foreign land to come home for R&R very soon.  Unfortunately, the timing is off on his travel, and he will likely be home and have to leave again just a few days before his son’s confirmation.  Poor weather, perfectly timed to delay just the right flights, would be very convenient.  His safety demands my vagueness, but God will know who you mean and what he needs.  Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Short and sweet

  1. Punch Billy, cute.
    Prayers for your BIl indeed.

  2. Count on prayers from here too. Poor Billy must NOT enjoy that Punchbuggy game.

  3. We have banned the actual punching in the car in the interest of driving safety, as the wrestling match it turns into was deemed too distracting for drivers. This is a public service message……! Praying for your intention.

  4. I wonder which is more worst – terribler or more badder. Could you ask Petey? 🙂 I'm going to use “terribler” more often so I sound more betterer. Mom's going to kick me now!

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