Name that Drink

In honor of Laetare Sunday, we’re taking a bit of a break from our Lenten sacrifices. 

I had bacon for breakfast.  Yum.

And we had after dinner drinks.  Can you guess what?

All the ingredients are shown.  But the Triple Sec is slightly hidden.  And we only used one kind of rum.

5 thoughts on “Name that Drink

  1. MaiTai? When my brother was a Marine he traveled quite a bit to Hawaii and got hooked on them. Every once in awhile he treats us when he's home.

    It looks very tropical and refreshing – whatever it is!

  2. Oh Lord, I can't say I even looked carefully…just drooled at the idea of a cocktail.

  3. I was going to guess Mai Tai too, it's the only thing I can think of that involves pineapples and is that very color.

  4. Mmmm…mai tais look yummy. I think I'll have to try one soon. This drink is a hurricane. Highly recommended.

  5. Will you share your recipe — I really think I need one!

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