Amusing Me

My babysitter is moving, and I’m searching the names at to find a replacement.  I have one meeting every month in the morning, I can’t take the kids with me, and it’s really too long for Fritz to be in charge.  Maybe if he were a girl…

Anyway, lots of teen girls…not available during the day…

…some SAHMs who want me to bring the kids to them…

…lots of people willing to babysit 2 or 3 children…

…some fine with littles, but not the big-uns…

…and one woman who made me laugh out loud:

I have a 2-year-old of my own so there isn’t much I haven’t seen or dealt with before.

She’s only comfortable with littles and only up to 2, so I can’t even give her a chance to see exactly what she hasn’t seen or dealt with before.

5 thoughts on “Amusing Me

  1. Mine would read-
    I have three of my own, and if I can bring them, we're good to go. Unfortunately, I don't live anywhere close to you. Good luck!

  2. I ended up with a pretty good sitter from I contacted 3 different ones initially. The one I've used for awhile now, one that didn't show up for our interview, and one that watched children in her home and emailed me a multiple page list of rules and regulations.

  3. I found some not-so-great mother's helpers and 2 good ones via word of mouth. But I have found that Will and Mary are pretty good babysitters when I go running for an hour each day. They just all watch a movie after lunch together. They take it more seriously when I pay, $2/hour.

    I am planning on having Mary take the Red Cross babysitting class, but with 4 younger siblings, I doubt there is much they can teach that she doesn't already know.

  4. I found my current babysitter through I also found a wholly unreliable babysitter there too. I do have a lead on one woman through a friend (the best method). I need to have at least a backup.

    Kat, Fritz is good for short periods of time, and he earned $72 from me when I was training for the Army 10 Miler. But this one meeting takes me away for 4 hours, and the kids really should be doing schoolwork at that time. I can't expect him to do his schoolwork AND keep an eye on a 3 year old. Plus, having been left in charge as a child much too often, I am very sympathetic to the difficulties of maintaining good order and discipline with siblings very close in age. Boys, especially, seem prone to the “do what I say or I'll thump you” method of child care. I really think it's better for family harmony to use adult supervision for the longer stretches and use Fritz for quick trips to the grocery store or my runs around the neighborhood.

  5. Hi, this is Stacy. I’m a member of’s Mom Force—a team of work-at-home moms that helps with safety and customer service. I may be biased but as a mom I think is an amazing resource for finding care providers. The site offers free background checks, uses the Mom Force to review all care providers and job posts before we post them online, and gives you access to recorded references and reviews to help you decide who to hire. They also have exclusive members-only features like Care-on-Call (for last-minute care), Care Exchange (to meet families who want to exchange babysitting and pet sitting services). Plus an amazing selection so you’ll be able to find a match that’s right for you and your family. Good Luck in your search.

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