I can not fully describe my emotions a few nights ago when I should have been in bed sleeping, but was instead surfing the Catholic blogosphere.




I won’t even link to the pages that so inspired these strong reactions.  However, I will link to these posts which are like a bright light cutting through murky waters.  He makes every point that I shouted at my poor husband who got the full brunt of my ranting.

Lila: Is it moral to lie?

The Lila Enigma: Selective Outrage?

Common sense, people.
BTW, if you, gentle reader, are ever fleeing an unjust law, come to me.  I will aid and abet.

16 thoughts on “Neo-Pharisees

  1. Oh, I love Lila Rose!! She has some courage! I'm just watching the Glen Beck interview @ the Live Action facebook page. It's about time the evil of Planned Parenthood is uncovered. I still don't understand how people think PP is doing GOOD. Movie stars talk about aiding poor people in the sex trade…not realizing that we have it right here in the USA and PP knows about and covers it up.

  2. Interestingly enough I will link to this:
    If it doesn't go to Friday, February 18 then click on that date. I was wondering what all the hubbub was about and here you go. He makes a very clear case where the Bible advocates misdirection for the safety of others.

  3. Awesome, Barb. Great link.

  4. Michelle, I'm with you. I was SHOCKED when I noticed that Live Action was under attack by pro-lifers, of all people. The demons must be thrilled about this one.

    Thanks for linking to Dr. Nadal's stuff! Excellent pieces, both so well thought-out. I love them.

    In case you missed it, Dr. Kreeft also posted a piece on the Catholic Vote website yesterday. It's definitely got an academic feel, which is usual for him, but he makes some great points.

    I pray this whole thing passes quickly and that we can get the focus back where it belongs: on helping the victims of PP and the criminals they aid.

  5. The girls and I had a lengthy conversation the other day about lying – and when it might not be a sin. Our morality text suggested that the end never justifies the means and so committing a sin to do a good makes the intended end evil. Lying was the only sin I could think of when that might not always be the case, when doing the morally right thing of telling the truth flies in the face of justice and causes an evil act to be committed. The catechism backs me up on this and downgrades the sin of lying to a mere venial sin in such cases.

  6. Michelle, have you ever read Dietrich Bonhoeffer's 'Ethics'? I think you would appreciate him a lot.

  7. Phew, okay. I was beginning to think it was just me!

  8. Barb, your cousin's post was good.

    Arwen, I love Kreeft. His column is excellent, as I expected. “That idea is so stupid that you have to have a Ph.D. to believe it.” Cracks me up.

    Jennie, you should read some of these links. Quite good reading. Kreeft, especially, explains moral common sense. I like that.

    Melanie, welcome to the sane club.

    Sharilyn, haven't read “Ethics” but I'll have to check it out soon.

  9. Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for posting the links to my articles. It's good to know that you have a blog family of sane individuals here.

    I'm rather stunned at the ferocity of this whole thing. I wish 1/10 of that ferocity were aimed at Planned Parenthood.

    God Bless,

    Gerry Nadal

  10. Michelle, I actually stopped reading so many blogs BECAUSE of things like this. It upsets my inner peace, what little I've got, and directs my focus and energies away from where they really belong, meanwhile accomplishing absolutely nothing of any value. 🙂 It's much, much better if I just skip those links.

  11. To those who say “She lied!” I say, “Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone.”

  12. Wow, I'm glad I don't read that many blogs. I can't believe people have a problem with that. A man once told me that my husband was going to hell (as a soldier) because “Thou Shalt not Kill” has no exceptions. Apparently he missed the parts in the Old Testament where God leads his people in wars.

  13. Plato refers to the lie in the heart vs. the lie on the lip. The lie in the heart promotes evil, but the lie on the lip elicits truth.

    In order to elicit a true & accurate response, there is nothing wrong with presenting a hypothetical situation without telling the subject that it is, in fact, hypothetical.

    Much of the reason for the hullabaloo is that for too many years in modern education, to quote Gilbert J. Chesterton, “Subtle distinctions are unknown.”

  14. Tom, thanks for the movie link. I started to watch it, but it'll take a few sessions. Watching anything after 9 pm puts me to sleep.

    Dr. Nadal, I, too, wish the same energy could be directed against PP and other supporters of abortion.

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