Another week ending

Mary had a thermometer in her mouth.  When it beeped she pulled it out and announced, “48 inches!”


It would be much easier to be a saint if people would stop irritating me.  Billy’s Cub Scout Pack has been promising for several weeks that potluck assignments for the Blue and Gold Banquet would be given out by den.  The banquet is tomorrow.  I got the email this morning, sent late last night.  I wasn’t planning on going to the store today. 


Mary really wants me to go and watch Barney with her.  Yeah, me.  This is the best I can do for a blog post today.

5 thoughts on “Another week ending

  1. Barney, huh? I'd say you're on your way to sainthood with that one. I told my children from a very young age that Barney was a scary dinosaur who likes to eat children. You should have seen the way my oldest daughter freaked out at a yard sale many years ago when someone asked her if she wanted a Barney toy.

  2. She just wanted me to snuggle with her, not pay attention to the show, thank goodness. She even said, “Mommy, you bring your coffee and your book and come sit with me.” I'm very good at tuning out the TV and other inane noises.

  3. Oh My Goodness! I laughed out loud….. It WOULD be much easier to be a saint if people would stop irritating me!!

  4. I outlawed Barney after the first child. Little Brother has no idea who Barney even is. I just couldn't take it. (The boy knows his Veggie Tales and Star Wars, however. We have our priorities around here).

    What is it about Scouts and procrastinators? Our B&G dinner last year was potluck with similar results. This year, since I am in charge of cooking the spaghetti, I decreed that we were charging $3 a person and buying everything except dessert. Each family can bring one. It will be SO much easier, and I won't have to send my teenagers to ShopRite in the middle of the banquet because the den who was supposed to bring beverages brought ONE 2L bottle per child in the den. Needless to say, that did not go far.

  5. Ha ha. I completely agree with Karen. Sitting through Barney (even if you are tuning him out) qualifies you for sainthood imho. I banned him from my house too. However, I'll admit that it was first and foremost the song that drove me crazy…

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