Perfect Saturday: a checklist

Homemade muffins for breakfast: check.

Team effort house cleaning spree: check.

Confession at the cathedral: check.

Family rosary in the car on the way home: check.

Afternoon run in the fabulous 70-degree temps: check.

Vigil Mass with boys as altar servers: check.

Plenary indulgence for confession, rosary and Eucharist (times 5): bonus points.

Homemade stew for dinner: check.

Babysitter: check.

Two hours uninterrupted conversation: check.

Kids asleep when we get home: 5 out of 6.

The kids in Lafayette Park.
What a beautiful day.

The cathedral in the background.
Bill and I went to Lafayette College
and love that Lafayette Park is next
to the cathedral.  There’s a gorgeous
house for sale right across the street, too.

4 thoughts on “Perfect Saturday: a checklist

  1. I miss Savannah! Virginia Beach is not nearly so lovely!

  2. Mmmm, sounds yummy all the way around. The pics are beautiful.

  3. Michelle,

    What a wonderful day. Blessings to your family.

    You may have just solved another of my travel dilemmas! We'll be leaving Orlando on Good Friday.

    Now I'm thinking that we'll get as far as Savannah, plan to attend a Good Friday veneration or Stations at the cathedral then do the bulk of our driving on Saturday.

    The cathedral is beautiful.

    I was so concerned about this trip and finding the right places and parishes for Mass and services. We've never traveled near Easter before (other than to family).

    (I'm reading all of your Disney blogs for tips too!)

  4. Jenny, I'll take Hilton Head or Tybee over VA Beach any day.

    Rachel, I love your baby bump.

    Elizabeth, we really do like the cathedral in Savannah. Driving time from Route 95 is not long, so consider the hotels by those exits for a cheaper place to stay. I have maps of all the Disney parks (dog eared), but if you'd like them, I can mail them to you. I kept 2 copies of each, just in case we decided to go back. I think it is easier to plan an attack with a map. The ones online are less helpful.

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