Mary has been sick all week long.  On Tuesday, it was a low grade fever, but after that, the fever was very high – 104 degrees or more.  At one point, the ibuprofen wasn’t keeping the fever at bay for the full 6 hours.  Adding to my concern was this horrible snoring she developed which highlighted her ragged breathing (and kept me awake).  I felt like a mother with her first infant – afraid that if I didn’t stand constant vigil, she would stop breathing or asphyxiate.

Since she has had more than a few ear infections this year, I decided to take her into the doctor on Friday to make sure this hadn’t become more than a nasty virus that needed to work itself out.  Her ear were fine, but the poor girl had to suffer through a swab of her nose to check for the flu and a swab of her throat to check for strep.  The rapid test was negative, but they decided to put her on antibiotics over the weekend while waiting for the not-so-rapid test results. 

I’m not sure if it’s the drugs, or just time, but she is feeling much better today.  Her weight yesterday was 29 pounds…down from 33 pounds the last time I took her in December.  That’s a lot of weight to lose.  But since she just asked for her third bowl of Cheerios, I think she’ll be back up in short order.

Last Sunday, we attended Mass at the shrine in Orlando, Florida.  Afterward, we stopped by the gift store.  Just inside the doors were statues including one of Mary holding the Child Jesus.  He is reaching up and holding His Mother’s face on the soft underbelly of the chin.  I pointed this out to my Mary, and she said, “Just like me!”  She does this to me, all.the.time.  It is her comfort spot, and it drives me nuts, especially when she starts pulling and pinching.  She does that without thinking, and when I tell her to stop, she apologizes and then gently rubs me, which is almost as nerve-racking. 

Because the poor thing was miserable this week, she spent most of her time in my arms, burning up.  Her sleep was sporadic and light, and she was uncomfortable.  Her hand was almost constantly on my chin, and my thoughts frequently turned to that statue.  I wondered if I would be so annoyed if it were the Christ Child rubbing me.  Remembering that statue was one of the things that got me through an unproductive week without losing my temper every other hour.

Thank God for cherry flavored liquid Advil, antibiotics, and a perfectly timed viewing of inspirational artwork.

6 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. How sweet. I'm glad she's feeling better.

  2. Give that girl some Popsicles, mama. And pour yourself a glass of wine.

  3. Glad she's starting to feel better. I hope the rest of the gang stays healthy.

    We're planning our first trip to Disney in April (thanks to generous grandparents). I'm going to check out the shrine you linked to. I'd been concerned with where to go to Mass.

  4. I know this wasn't the point of your post. But you made my day linking to that shrine. It's only 2.5 miles from our hotel (if we could fly over the highway it would be about a quarter mile I think).

    My parents and my sister's family would NEVER get that having this information about what looks to be a beautiful and reverent church would make me so much more excited to go. I was concerned about finding a parish.

    Our parish has 30 minutes a week scheduled for confessions. The Basilica has 7 hours every week.

    That might come in handy after 2 days driving in the car….

    So thank you so much for sharing! (If you feel inspired to share any other Disney info, I'll be reading!)

  5. Elizabeth, I will be blogging about Disney soon. Have to download the pictures. We did have fun, but you have to remember that you are NOT going on a VACATION…you are doing FAMILY TEAM BUILDING. If you can keep that in mind, it will help you get through the days when you think you are wasting your time and money.

  6. I hope she gets better soon! My baby always wants to sooth herself by playing with my ears. It's pretty annoying.

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