Needed: Battery Recharging

Happy New Year!

I always love the promise that a new year brings.  I have some general goals for the year, but no real resolutions, except one: to go back to my new month’s resolutions.  Since most new year’s resolutions are forgotten by February or March, better to have a goal for the month, rather than an entire year.  Besides, needs change month by month.  What I need to do in July is often very different than what I need to do in January.

This month, my goal is to sit down for 30 consecutive minutes every afternoon.  Maybe with a cup of tea and a book.  Not with the computer or any sort of work.

I’ve resolved this in the past, and I generally do it.  But then I get away from it, especially during these busy months.  I don’t think I sat down once from noon until about 7 pm yesterday.

As for the coming year, who knows what the future may bring.  A few weeks ago, Bill and I sat on our living room couch and looked around.  We remembered where we were 10 years ago: we had two little boys, we lived in a tiny fixer-upper house; we struggled to make ends meet and thought that life was oh-so-hard.  We had no clue.  We tried to picture our life in another 10 years, and of course, this was impossible.  Chances are very good that one year from today, I will be sitting at the same computer at the same desk in the same room.  Chances are extremely slim that I will live in the same state six months after that.  Long term planning is necessarily relatively vague: to be healthier, wealthier and wiser.

What goals and plans do you have for the coming year?  But mostly, what are you going to tackle this month?

7 thoughts on “Needed: Battery Recharging

  1. My goal is to not continue second guessing my decisions. By February, my husband should be deployed and I will be happy that I am not in Alaska by myself, but sending him back for an indeterminate time…it is not easy.

  2. My goal this month is to make my house more of a home.

  3. Well, I have the usual…Exercise more, pray more, eat less, and get rid of more stuff. Actually I have been making steady progress (even before the New Year) on all of them except the eating less one. On the eating I have definitely been sliding backwards. But yesterday and today I have been good. So.. for the New Year, so far so good. 🙂 I like the idea of a monthly goal.

  4. Setting aside prayer time everyday – and actually sitting down and doing it. (Probably the time to most likely work will be morning- before everyone else is awake, so the getting out of bed so early will be the tough part.)

  5. Just trying to be a bit more joyful. I'm so serious, and forget sometimes to smile and lauph and have fun. And I am joyful on the inside (usually), so I guess I'm trying to radiate more joy. 😉

  6. I'm reading Mother's Rule of Life with a small group of friends to see if we can implement some of the wisdom there.

    My goal this month is to go to the bathroom when I need to and not once every 8 hours.

  7. My goal is to make daily Mass a priority. Today I went and ran into my sister! How sweet was that. I am also going to really try try try to trust in the Lord. We have some big issues to tackle this year and I'm praying for detachment.

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