Digital art

Fritz needed to use some software to make a picture to earn his Computer Merit Badge for Scouts.  I generally use (it’s free), so I gave him a quick tutorial and set him loose.  He and the other kids thought this was the greatest invention ever.  Now, I see them “drawing” all the time. 
At my desk. 
It has done nothing to reduce the amount of paper being used here, but they are certainly becoming talented computer artists.  This drawing, by Katie, reminds me of their early hand drawing work.  I figure in a few months, with lots of practice, they’ll be very proficient at computer graphics.

It’s a talent I may be able to use in the future.  I see professional looking invitations for the most mundane of events (“Mom’s playdate, my house, 3 pm, BYO Margarita glass”).

2 thoughts on “Digital art

  1. You should check out Scratch. My boys love it. I have such a hard time letting them touch my computer, though.

  2. This is pretty neat and supposedly easy to use. Something a little different than drawing. Maybe the older ones might like it:

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