Window Shopping

Well, not window shopping…catalog shopping, with no intent to buy.  Usually the catalogs that come here go straight from the mailbox to the brown paper bag for recycling.  Sometimes they make a detour to the kitchen table until I get to the mail, and then they go out the door without a single page turned.  I have found that I am much happier not seeing all the gadgets, gizmos, appliances, decorative items, beautiful linens, books, CDs, furniture, camping equipment, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, that are available for purchase.

I have found my husband is much happier with me not seeing all these things that are available for purchase.

That said, it’s that time of year when I think that perhaps a few peeks might help me get some ideas for presents.  My husband and I don’t really *need* anything.  But there are always nice things to have. 

I don’t know exactly how many catalogs came yesterday.  They are in the recycle bin.  I did decide to flip through one: the Brookstone catalog.  I generally would never buy anything at this store, considering the majority of their merchandise to be overpriced, frivolous, or simply not useful for me (I do not need to weigh my luggage, but I could see where somebody might want to, I suppose.  Bill travels quite a bit and somehow manages without a scale).

This time I did find two items that I think I would like.  I think they are too expensive, and I’m willing to bet they can be found for less elsewhere.  But if somebody (hint, hint, husband dear) is buying a gift for me, and needs an idea, look around for things like this for less or on sale.

Moshi Bluetooth® Handsfree Car Kit

My van is pretty basic.  I’m happy it has a CD player and TWO adapter plugs so I can charge my cell phone and use the GPS at the same time.  I don’t often talk on the phone while I’m driving, but sometimes that’s the only time I’m sitting still long enough to have a conversation.  I have a handsfree ear plug, which I despise (it isn’t comfortable…none of them are comfortable to me).  When I have needed to talk on the phone (Bill, where is the fabric store?  Past the mall or before it?), I usually put the phone on speaker and place it in my lap.  A device that clips to my sun visor would be very nice. 
Wireless Key Finder

This device comes with two colored key fobs and a base with two colored buttons.  Can’t find your keys?  Press the button and the fob emits a loud alarm.  I wish I could be better about always putting my keys in the same place every time, but the whole getting-out-of-the-car process is usually very messy here.  I never come in empty-handed between collecting garbage, groceries, or children.  Sometimes I put them in my pocket, sometimes my purse (but I don’t always have my purse), sometimes I keep them in my hand and put them down…somewhere.  And then my 3 year old helps me lose them as well.  In fact, for the last 2 weeks or so, I have been using my backup set because I cannot find my original set.  I have cleaned, and they still remain hidden.  Yes, this would be used rather often, I think.
I was trying to come up with a family gift that fits my family-vacation-gift theme this year, and suggested to Bill a hiking GPS so we could get into geocaching“Why would we go geocaching?” he asked.  “It sounds like fun,” I replied.  “What makes you think it would be fun?  Have you ever been geocaching?” he asked.  “No,” I said defensively, “You need a GPS to go geocaching.  Do you see the circular problem here?”
I keep forgetting that my Army guy is branch armor, a tanker: they ride on powerful vehicles that knock down trees in their path.  They do not hike around the woods for fun.
Since that conversation, our elderly and feeble car GPS has taken a turn for the worse, and I do not believe is long for the world.  Do they make GPSes that do both hiking and car?  I haven’t seen any, but if you know of one, let me know.  I’d also like opinions on car GPSes.  If you love your GPS, let me know what make and model.  A new car GPS may be the family gift this year. 

4 thoughts on “Window Shopping

  1. I wanted to get Will a hand-held GPS just for geocaching, but his aunties bought some worthless fake GPS thing for him right before his birthday. (it does keep you from getting lost as it will take you right back to where you started)

    Maybe I'll try again next birthday as there are tons of sites in Maine that would be fun to find.

  2. Everyone I talk to is happy with their GPS – whether it's a Tom-Tom, Magellan, or Garmin. Dad & I are leaning toward a Garmin. The latest one we saw in a Sam's club e-mail sounded really good.

  3. I totally need a blog for dropping gift hints. What a good idea!

  4. HATE the Garmin. You have to pay to get it updated. We had a TomTom (that broke when it fell off the windshield) that updated free using a USB port. Garmin also doesn't tell you how FAR you have to go in your trip–it just constantly recalculates time at each red light.

    Speaking of breakage, don't stick those things to your windshields. Invest in one of those $25 “sandbags” for the dash. Well worth it.

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