Working on it

All my sewing supplies (materials, ribbons, thread, patterns, etc) I keep in plastic bins which I have tucked neatly into the master bedroom closet.  Usually, they are thus neatly tucked.

Between Halloween and the ball and various other projects, I have been rummaging in every.single.bin.  Therefore, they have been pulled out and left open with their contents roughly shoved around and sometimes spilling out everywhere.

The master bedroom closet is not a large closet.  I have been unable to close my closet door, and I have to step on things to get my shoes or clothing.  It’s ridiculous.  And it’s especially ridiculous since I know if I did the Flylady-15 minute-timer-thingy, I’d have the job done and a cup of tea brewed and ready to drink before the bell dinged.  By the time this blog post is typed, it could be done.  But Bill is still sleeping, so I can’t do it right now.

(It’s Veteran’s Day – he gets to sleep late.  Last Veteran’s Day, he had to work, and even if he’d had the day off, he would have had nothing to do in Bagram.  If you are a veteran and you have the day off, good for you!  If you are not a vet, and you have to work, good for you, too!  No whining.  Soldiers are on duty 24/7/365.)

On Monday morning, I told Bill: “The closet is my top priority today.”

On Monday evening, I told Bill: “I didn’t do the closet…but we cleaned the garage and you can park there again!”  (The garage had been messy since the Oktoberfest, because decorations are stored in bins out there.  Halloween only made it worse.)

On Tuesday morning, I told Bill: “The closet is my top priority today.”

On Tuesday evening, I told Bill: “I didn’t do the closet, but I paid the bills and dropped a carload off at the recycling center and the thrift store.”  It feels so good to get things out of the house.

On Wednesday morning, I told Bill: “The closet is my top priority today.”

On Wednesday evening, I told Bill: “I didn’t do the closet, but the fleas I discovered on the dog on Sunday are dead.”  De-fleaing involved spraying and vacuuming the house as well.  Quite a chore.  Dog is happy; I am happy.

Now it’s Thursday morning.  My priorities today are to go to the grocery store and have a lunch date with my husband.  But I think I have to tell him that the closet is my top priority.  It’s practically a tradition at this point.  Hopefully, though, the not-cleaning-the-closet tradition will be broken very soon. 


It’s my top priority.

3 thoughts on “Working on it

  1. I'm doubled over! “Working on it!” Har-har-har!

    However, I have you beaten by one day, so far. Since Sunday it's been “I'll paint the closet doors tonight.”

    Let's compare notes tomorrow to see if either of us succeeded! A couple of bins & a door count!

  2. Your closet situation sounds like my laundry room organization situation, only I've been meaning to spend a day in there and get all of the craft things re-organized since September. One of these days I'll drop the kids off at school and come home to a house that only needs me to organize the disaster area known as the laundry room. I'm scared of what I might find in there at this point.

  3. Well, you beat me by a mile – but you provided incentive for me to at least make a start. Dad did the first coat on the first side of the first door & I did the second.

    Today's priority – 2 coats on one side of the 2nd door. Tomorrow, 2 coats on 2nd side of both doors & hang by Sunday AM.

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