Girls’ Weekend

This afternoon, I am running away from home.  Well, actually, on Sunday, I am running…away from home…participating in the Army Ten Miler in Washington, D.C., which is quite a way from home.  But this afternoon, I am leaving to get there.

Like a good wife and mother, I am trying to ensure a stress-free weekend for my husband.  I have made sure that there is plenty of milk, bread, eggs, bacon, frozen pizza and ketchup.  I am quite confident that he knows how to find the McDonald’s across the street if necessary.  This morning, I will make sure that my girls have all of the required components of their dance clothes ready to go and that their hair is brushed and pulled back.  I will make sure that my boys have game uniforms and equipment assembled (no hunting for shin guards at the 11th hour on Saturday).  If they can’t remember their water bottles, that’s too bad.  I will also make sure that everybody knows what they are wearing to Mass, so that my husband does not have to listen to the female histrionic wailing of “I have nothing to wear.”

I’m hoping to get caught up on laundry, but I really doubt I’ll get the house cleaned (that’s my usual Friday afternoon activity).  I’ll assign chores to the children, but it will be up to Bill to see that they are completed.  If they aren’t, oh well.

I do hope to finish this week’s schoolwork this morning.  The children are motivated for two reasons: this week is the end of the 1st quarter, and Monday is the Feast of St. Crispin.  I have promised them dinner out on Monday (we have gift cards to the Olive Garden) to celebrate IF they have done all their work.  What’s the big deal about St. Crispin?  Fritz had to memorize the St. Crispin speech from Henry V.  Any excuse to party will do.

I suppose I ought to pack at some point, too.  I bought grapes and candy corn to sustain me on the car ride.  Today I head to North Carolina to friend Rachel’s house.  Saturday, Rachel and I will go to friend Christie’s house.  Sunday, we shall run together (we band of sisters). 

Some women might choose a spa weekend or a shopping trip to an outlet center.  My girlfriends and I, we go for a ten mile run.

6 thoughts on “Girls’ Weekend

  1. Oh! I so wanted to be there when you ran!

    But Sunday is the day Matty leaves for Calif.

    However, I will be praying that you will have a safe run & a personal best. I know they take pictures – please post!

    Love & hugs.

  2. Good luck, Michelle, and safe travels!

  3. Good Luck with the run! It's suppose to be a nice day on Sunday, so it should be nice running conditions.

  4. Boy, we sound hard like chicken lips! I'm saying next time we go for a yoga weekend.

  5. Very impressive. Can't imagine a ten mile run. But I do love candy corn 🙂

  6. No.. next time go for Cheesecake and coffee and a tenmiler session of chatting — I'll totally be there. But hopefully next time I can cheer you on if you persist in being amazing.

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