Inspiring Creativity

My kids all love to draw, as long as the subject matter is their choice.  Drawing is a significant part of my school curriculum, especially in the younger years, and my children always resist the drawing assignments.  It’s not so much fun to draw what somebody else wants you to draw.  (Can’t say I blame them.  I enjoy writing, but assign me a topic, and I will procrastinate and complain as though it is near torture.) 

Usually, the children opt to copy a picture, because it helps to have someone else’s vision for what to do.  That’s if they like the picture.  But if they don’t feel comfortable drawing sheep, for example, and the Bible picture or Aesop’s fable or poem illustration shows sheep, my little students will dig in their heels and insist that the assignment is too hard.  Fortunately, by 2nd grade, they get over this, generally because they now have 2 more years of experience in drawing.

Also, fortunately, if you are the 5th student and your mother has kept all the drawings (done in bound blank books) that your older siblings have done, you have a wide variety of illustrations to peruse until your muse inspires you.  At the very least, it helps to know that they too had to do the same work and they managed, somehow. 

I knew there was a reason I kept that shelf full of drawings.

3 thoughts on “Inspiring Creativity

  1. One of the beauties of home schooling.

  2. I would love to know how you organize the drawings your kids do. Do you keep every scribbly page, or do you pick and choose what you are going to keep? I have a pile of stuff from my 4yo and a growing pile from my 2yo that I'm not sure I want to throw out, but I also don't really know what to do with. And at what point do you bind them?

  3. Candace, I have one or two small boxes of drawings from all my kids. Some drawings I preserved by scanning them. The bound drawings are school assignments. I used blank books bought from Bare Books. I usually buy extra books and give them to the kids for their own amusements, but I don't usually keep them. My kids produce, literally, HUNDREDS of drawings every month. My paper recycling bin is always full. The ones that really strike me, I tend to keep…or blog about, but the rest get tossed.

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