Happy Oktoberfest

8 AM

I have baked one cake and a second is in the oven.  The first of two sauerbraten roasts is simmering on the stovetop.  74 bratwurst are boiled and ready to be grilled to perfection tomorrow evening.  One more cake, three batches of potato salad and a very messy red cabbage dish left to prepare.  Maybe cookies.

And cleaning and decorating. 

And errands.  Need propane.  Need CO2 (right? everybody needs some CO2 for an Oktoberfest).  I ran out of cinnamon, so I’ve been using apple pie spice instead.  Need cinnamon.  Need whipped topping.

Somebody needs to do a Latin test.  Two somebodies need to finish up some history work (one essay needs to be typed and one short answer questions need to be revised).

Somebody else needs coffee and a shower.

Have a great weekend.  I hope to get some recipes up by Monday.  Want to taste the Pumpkin Pie Cake first to see how it is.  It smells delightful.

4 thoughts on “Happy Oktoberfest

  1. Pumpkin cake sounds great and I would love to know more about the red cabbage dish.

  2. Yum!! Do share! Did you get all your RSVPs?

  3. Ditto & ditto. We love your Oktoberfests & wish we could be there. Please ask Tommy to take pictures so we can live vicariously.



  4. Laura, the cabbage recipe is up. It's like sauerkraut, but sweet instead.

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