One reason I love my Dad

At Billy’s soccer game last night, Peter and Mary occupied themselves with coloring.  Peter dictated the theme: dinosaurs, which is not Mary’s typical subject matter (being a girly girl she generally draws princesses in pink with lots of frills…maybe ponies with braided manes and flowers…).  As usual for her, Mary talked her way through the endeavor and the majority of her prattle was directed at Grandpa who was sitting next to her.  My father watched the soccer game, but managed to nod and smile and say the occasional “Oh!  How nice!” or answer her questions regarding whether or not dinosaurs had horns or teeth or arms. 

At one point Mary asked if dinosaurs had tails.  Dad misheard her and with enthusiasm and a perfectly straight face replied:

“Yes, dinosaurs wear heels.”

And match them with their dino purses.

2 thoughts on “One reason I love my Dad

  1. Clearly he is an Expert Grandpa. You have lucky kids.

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