Vacation Sunday

Sadly, we had to end our vacation at some point.  Fritz had baseball practice that afternoon, so it was breakfast, pack out, check out, Mass in Fernandina and then on the road.


Coffee at sunrise.
I don’t know why he was standing – perhaps
to get a better view of some bird or the
dolphins we sometimes spotted.  Usually,
we sat out there for 30 minutes or more
for the spectacle.  Watching the sunrise is
an undertaking requiring patience and time.
Katie wisely brought her blanket to fend off the car A/C. 
Katie kindly shared her blanket with her equally chilled sisters.

One thought on “Vacation Sunday

  1. Lovely vacation! It must have been great to just relax with no schedules! Loved the pics of the sunrises & sunsets – amazing – & the pics of the kids – how cute, but they're growing too fast! Of course, I always like seeing pics of Bill, but didn't anyone take any of you? We'd all love to see how much you were enjoying yourself – even if it was sound asleep on the beach!


    Mom R.

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