Vacation Friday

On Friday we went to Fort Clinch on the northern end of Amelia Island.  We saw the mid-18th century fort there, which looks just like the mid-18th century forts located closer to our home in Georgia.  Like those forts, this fort was obsolete before it was completed.  Unlike the other forts, they actually stopped building this one.  However, our tax dollars continue to go into it, making it a testament to government waste more than anything else.  Don’t get me wrong, I like museums and think they are a good way to spend money.  I just find it amusing that the government wasted our money to begin building it, and then compounds the error by continuing to funnel money into it as a museum.


Obligatory picture in front of the sign.

Fort Clinch, which looks unremarkably similar to
Fort Pulaski and Fort McAlister in Georgia.

If you have seen one mid-18th century fort, you have
seen them all.  But we’ll take photos anyway.

Not just this fort, but lots of places in the Southeast
use seashells as aggregate in the concrete.
The engineer in me thinks this is so very cool.

Hi, I’m Mary.  I’m very hot and very cranky.
No, I do not want my picture taken.
I want to go home – not back to that
villa place.  No, HOME.  And I want to
be magically transported there, since
the car is evil.

After Fort Clinch, we went to downtown Fernandina, which is proud that it has flown eight flags (from eight different governments) in its history.  The local history museum seemed a decent size for such a small town.  I was only in there briefly, since I stayed with a napping child in the car for the majority of the visit (I had a book).

The Nassau County Jailhouse.

A portrait of unrepentance.

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