It was only 17 days wait, but it seemed an eternity. I got my new computer today. My desk was rather dusty and unused. I missed it.

Now I can go online, but I have no favorites, no bookmarks, no cookies, no files, and no programs. My desktop (the virtual one) is very blank.

I’m not complaining. OK, I am. I’ve been moaning all day.


In other news, I just placed an order online for Christmas presents for the family. I think this is a record for me. I’ve been thinking about Christmas since last Christmas. Decided we’re taking a vacation to (whisper whisper). Sorry, my kids often read my blog, so I can’t speak any louder. It’s a bit south of here (but not much). The main gift is the trip, to be taken in January or February, but smaller gifts will be related to that trip. So I bought…again, my kids read my blog. Hmm. Colorful terry cloth. On sale, since the need for rectangles of colorful terry cloth is diminishing quickly as stores pull out their fall lineups.

Fall. Long sleeves. Right now, it seems so unfathomable. I can sort of imagine temperatures below 90. But below 80 is tough.


Bill has taken a few days off, so my intent to start school today was blithely put aside for next week. The public schools start on Wednesday. Despite that, it’s really hard to get in the mood.

And having a broken computer didn’t help my prep either. I’m just not ready.

4 thoughts on “Random

  1. It's nice to see that other moms speak in code. It's a skill I learned from my friend who is a mom of four when my older daughter was a toddler. I didn't understand the necessity for speaking in code until she had a better command of language.

  2. Funny! I learned, too, from a mom of 4 when my oldest was a tot. I was discussing that jolly old elf who visits in the winter, and she had to use eye and hand signals to stop me before I said something she would have a hard time explaining to her nearby children.

    But my 12 year old has gotten really good at figuring out what we mean (even pig Latin), so sometimes we've resorted to German. Or we make him take out the garbage so we can talk for a minute.

  3. We have code around here too, nicknamed “married talk”. I'm envious of the Christmas planning already – something I aspire to. We're supposed to start school on Monday, but planning has fallen by the wayside with hubby's visit. C'est la vie…..

  4. I know what you mean about not being ready for school to start. ugh! how does summer break go so fast? – Oh, and your idea of buying some Christmas gifts now inspires me. Every fall, I get so wrapped up into school and activities that Christmas shopping is forgotten until it gets to the time when I feel rushed. Maybe I will start a bit earlier this year… thanks to your inspiration! 🙂

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