Dutiful Sons

Fritz and Billy are away at camp through tomorrow. I had asked them to please send me a letter and provided stamped and addressed envelopes. I even showed them where the outgoing mail was collected and told them to get it there by Tuesday or I wouldn’t receive it before their return. Sure enough, I got two letters in the mail today.

The letters are typical of their personalities. Billy’s has zero details, but is very neat and everything is spelled correctly. Fritz’s letter is messy, and perhaps half the words are correctly spelled. Punctuation seems to be optional. But, I learned they went to mini-golf, batting cages, a “dolfin cruse,” and the beach, that the food is OK, and that they would be going to a local fort that day (he named the wrong one, but I know what he meant).

I am thrilled that they did as I requested!

4 thoughts on “Dutiful Sons

  1. “Dear Mom, Camp is fun. I miss you. See you soon. Love, Billy.”

    How close was I?

    I worked at a Girl Scout camp one summer and letter-writing was enforced. Saw a lot of these go out in the mail!

    However, when Big Brother went to Boy Scout camp, I never got even ONE letter. When Little Brother is old enough we will fix that.

  2. He also mentioned he was in Yellow Squad. But, yeah, that was it.

  3. Just wanted to leave a late thank you for the series you posted earlier this year on the PCS process. I married an Army guy a year and a half ago and just completed my first PCS – your preview and lists of tips made everything much easier. Many thanks!

  4. Sarah, glad they helped you with your PCS. Now don't you feel like a tried and true Military Wife?

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