You know that panicky feeling you get when your toddler is not in the room you thought she was in and it’s been 10 minutes or so since you’ve seen her?

I didn’t have to go far to find her.

The splash fountain really tuckered her out. I took off her wet suit, gave her some juice to rehydrate and went off to get her some dry clothes. I guess she got tired of waiting.

5 thoughts on “WHERE’S MARY?

  1. Poor girl must have been totally wiped out.

  2. Love it! Both of my little ones fell asleep on the way home from the commissary today and are still sleeping on the couches. I don't know which is worse: letting them sleep and having 2 night owls tonight, or waking them up and having 2 crabby kids till bedtime.

  3. That picture will be SO embarassing when she's about 16!!

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