How to "share" snacks with children

A recent informal survey shows that, if offered blue corn chips and no other alternatives, four out of six children will reject the blue corn chips outright and the other two will consume only a fraction of what they would had they been white or yellow corn chips, leaving many left for parents to consume all by themselves.

I am brilliant.

4 thoughts on “How to "share" snacks with children

  1. Yes, you are!

    This is why I have cultivated a taste for Whoppers, Good 'N' Plenty, and several other items that no one likes but me.

  2. Trader Joe's Organic Blue corn chips don't work like this house. My clones GOBBLE THEM UP (the boys anyway)

  3. I recall my mother buying cookies that “nobody liked” (I think they were called Stella Doro) and she told the teen-me, who complained that she bought cookies that “nobody liked,” that they didn't get eaten so fast. At the time I thought that was the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. Now….I get it.

  4. My teens, like “Gator Mama's” would eat the blue chips — but they'd probly be safe from my little kids. The bigger problem around here is with ice cream. The teens have even figured out to look in the suspiciously shaped bags of peas…

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