Of interest to those who have deployed spouses: I wrote an article for a National Guard magazine (Foundations) which they published last month. If you follow this link, you need to flip to page 48.

I must admit, it’s pretty nice to see your own writing in print.

If you are a National Guard family and did not receive a copy of this magazine, let me know. I have a few extra copies. It’s pretty good.

5 thoughts on “Debut

  1. Awesome! It's on page 46 in the one I'm looking at!!

  2. Great work! Writing, published, WITH your picture next to it. Enjoyed how you expressed that, if those husbands aren't doing anything around the house, then why is it that there is so much more to do when they are gone…:)

  3. Congratulations on the article! You're right–there's a definite thrill in seeing that byline.

    (The photo is lovely, as well.)

  4. Congrats! That's good stuff.

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