Now that the rain clouds have dispersed, the weather forecast is calling for a week of gorgeous. My only disappointment is that when my husband went to install an “outdoor dryer” this weekend, a part was missing. We didn’t have the time to return it, so it will be yet another week before I can hang clothes out to dry. I do so miss the smell of sun dried linens.

Is it Holy Week already? So much to do still.

3 thoughts on “Monday

  1. That's too bad! I'm glad it's sunny there. We've got another day of clouds before the sun shows its face, here. I, too, am very excited about being able to use my outside dryer again.

  2. Last Thursday was my first day of truly warm sunny weather and it was perfect for line drying. Unfortunately my neighbor thought it perfect weather for cranking up his barbecue pit… Much of my stuff smelled like a campfire instead of sunshine.

  3. You have that trampoline, don't you? On a really sunny day, it's a great place to dry stuff.

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