The Very Thin Silver Lining

Bill was camping last night, and I took advantage of his absence to write an article for a magazine that is due very very soon. The editor asked me to incorporate “how my husband’s military service has benefited my life in a positive way.”

Right now, I am not a happy Army wife. This life is rough, new jobs require adjusting for everybody, and we’ve got residual issues associated with his return from deployment. As optimistic as I like to think I am most of the time, I was having a lot of trouble finding anything positive to say about this life he has dragged me into (it’s all his fault). Finally, I managed to think of something.

Today, I was telling him of my struggles. “Did you finally say that all our separations make us appreciate each other even more?”

“Did you read my article?” I asked.

He hadn’t. He just knows me that well.

2 thoughts on “The Very Thin Silver Lining

  1. Hang in there, Michelle. All life is hard at times. However the good times and the bad times tend to even out. That's what my father once told me, when we were talking about the death of my brother Charles, at less than a year old, and its impact on my mother. (The conversation started because I wondered why my mother wouldn't throw out an old rocking chair in the living room.)

  2. I am SO with you on this one right now. Thankfully, I only have to be a full-time army wife for this year. But the absence definitely makes us appreciate each other more!

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