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Via email:

Our Military Kids applied for a grant from the Pepsi Corporation called “Refresh Everything”. In 2010, Pepsi will give millions of dollars to fund good ideas that make the world a better place. Our Military Kids applied for a $50,000 grant award to provide grants to cover fees for enrichment activities for children of members of the Armed Forces who have died while serving our nation. Our Military Kids receives many requests from the families of these fallen service members, but to-date, our organization does not have the funding to award grants to these children who so richly deserve our support.

The good news is that the Our Military Kids’ idea for a grant to fund this new project has been accepted by Pepsi. Now Our Military Kids needs your help in order to receive the grant. Starting on March 1, you can go to the site and vote for the Our Military Kids project to support the children of fallen service members. You will find the Our Military Kids’ logo, a picture of one of our grant recipients, a You Tube Video about Our Military Kids, and a description of our proposal which begins with, “I want to help children of fallen soldiers deal with the loss of their parent.”

All projects will be eligible for a public vote and the projects that receive the most votes will be awarded grants from the Pepsi Corporation. Please vote for our project and vote often. You can vote once every day during the month of March.

The children of fallen service members who died while serving our country definitely deserve our thanks and acknowledgement for their sacrifice. Our Military Kids can fund a new experience that will offer them excitement and joy. It may not take the pain of losing a loved one away, but it will assist children through the healing process. With your help we’ll be able to show them how much our nation appreciates them. Thank you for your support of the Our Military Kids program and the children of our fallen service members.


My family received over $1500 from this organization last year, which went to pay for fencing and ballet for my children. Their funds are for families of deployed soldiers who serve in the National Guard and Reserves. I am pleased that they would like to include children of fallen soldiers as well.

If you go to Pepsi’s site, you have to click on the $50,000 amount to find their listing. Or you can go here for a direct link to their ballot. You can vote for 10 different organizations per day.

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