No man (or little boy) left behind

I don’t know how the little boys (two 4 year olds and a 2 year old) got into the trampoline without a stool or chair, but they did. And they bounced and bounced and bounced and had fun.

Then Mary came along and wanted in. The 2 year old lay on his stomach and stretched down his hand. His brother got out (with help from Peter) and knelt down so she could climb on his back. It was adorable, although somewhat alarming from my vantage at the kitchen window. Fortunately, Mary was distracted by some dirt on her foot and everybody gave up. I turned away before I saw how the boy got back in. I assume Peter helped him.

The boys bounced and bounced and bounced, and I thought, “Wow, they must really like that trampoline!” About a half hour later, the other boys’ mother returned and we went out to where they were still jumping. As soon as they saw us all three said, “Mommy, help us out!” I guess they stayed in because they couldn’t figure out how to get everybody out. Ooops. But great sticking together, boys!

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