And another one down

Fritz joins Peter and Mary in the double ear infection club. I can’t recall EVER taking three kids to the doctor (separately) in one week. Fritz was prescribed pills instead of liquid and is not happy about it. In fact, I had to open it up and put it in applesauce for him to swallow. I’m recalling that he had a delayed gag reflex as a baby and wondering when he’ll grow out of it.

I’m also wondering if I should have just dragged the other three into the clinic for a look-see. I know they aren’t contagious, but…

3 thoughts on “And another one down

  1. Michelle, We had as many ear infections as we have ears this winter. We did the double ear, double eye infection with two different kids, and one of them TWICE. It was crazy, but I saved myself some trouble and money by using one of these to find out if we needed to go in or not. This was the first year I had one of these and was just amazed how easy it is to see for yourself if there is an infection. It was night and day. You should get one if you haven't already.

  2. Michelle, if he's a Reitemeyer, then he may always have trouble swallowing pills. Bill's grandfather couldn't swallow pills ever.

  3. Suzanne, I will be buying one of those. Thanks.

    Ellen, what do you mean “if” he's a Reitemeyer? Have there been rumors to the contrary? But thanks for this info. Bill was really annoyed that Fritz was having trouble. Always nice when I can blame HIS gene pool.

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