Urgent Care, here we come, again

Is it possible that the toddler who…

…at 8 PM is begging to have some of her brother’s liquid children’s ibuprofen and liquid antibiotic for an ear infection and who is sucking the last little drops out of the dispensers is the same toddler who…

…at 11 PM is screaming that her ear hurts but is refusing all medicine and who is even gagging and spitting out the little amounts her mother attempts to sneak into her mouth?

I think this week is a good week to sign up for a new pediatrician.

4 thoughts on “Urgent Care, here we come, again

  1. Will you be going on post? If so, I really liked one certain P.A. She was great with the kids and listened to them and to me! Also, the nurses were wonderful. (Our youngest has dairy and soy allergies that showed up at 6 weeks old. The nurses were so kind and helpful throughout the process of determining what the issue actually was.)

  2. Actually, Jenny, I think I'm going to switch to Tricare Standard. If we lived on post, I would stick with Prime, but I'm more than 30 minutes from the hospital. That, and I'm just so tired of the system. There are good doctors…and then they PCS…

    I just picked up 3 prescriptions from the drive through CVS and paid $9 total. It seems so worth not sitting around an MTF with 6 cranky kids for 45 minutes until they call your number.

    Are you on post?

  3. Oh, prayers. Hugs love and prayers.

  4. We are now in Va., but we lived on post at Ft. Stewart. We are only about 10 minutes from post now, so for now we will stick with prime. I don't blame you for switching.

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