Cheap thrills

Attention military folks: there are huge savings at Ripley’s Aquarium in Myrtle Beach. My family of 8 would normally have spent nearly $88 to get in the door. With the military discount, it cost us just over $23. Yes, that’s correct. We SAVED over $64 with our military IDs.

Now THAT makes a 6 month deployment totally worth it.

Yes, that is sarcasm.

Ripley’s Aquarium is definitely worth $23 and an hour or two of your day. We loved the glass tunnel that makes it look like you are walking underwater. Nice as the place is, though, I do not think I would have enjoyed it so much if I had to pay full price.

2 thoughts on “Cheap thrills

  1. It's the same in Gatlinburg, TN. What would have cost us $63, cost us $9. I'm a huge supporter of them, because they're a huge supporter of us. Plus, their aquarium is GREAT.

  2. We went to Quebec 7 years ago, and there (at least at that time) they had “family rates.” Once you hit a certain number of people, you just paid one flat fee for the group. It was great, and maybe a remnant of the fact that in Quebec families used to be large. It's true, I just can't see spending $100 a pop for some of these places…I think they purposely price these places thinking what the typical 2 parent, 2 child family would be willing to pay, max, and not considering what larger families might be able to handle.

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