PCS Move Part V

At the end of the work day, the packers leave your home a maze of boxes. They also leave their packing supplies behind, which gives you an opportunity to pack a box or two of things they refuse to touch.

This is the second time we’ve had movers who won’t pack up alcohol. The last time, they wouldn’t touch the wine or the liquor. This time, the wine was ok, but the booze was not. We have about a hundred pounds a few bottles of alcohol that I wrapped and boxed last night.

Also left behind were any liquids in my pantry, even if they were factory sealed. A bottle of cooking oil, vanilla and almond extract, rice vinegar, Worcestershire sauce. These things add up in weight and volume and cost. I am unwilling to give away that much of my pantry staples, so I wrapped them up too.

On one move, I didn’t check the kitchen cupboards until long after the truck left. The packer missed a big lower cabinet that held all my tupperware and all my cookbooks. So I try not to wait until the last minute to check for missed items. Sure enough, last night I found a skipped drawer that held my measuring spoons and cups. I could have pointed it out to the packer today, but these light objects helped fill one of the very heavy boxes full of liquor.

Before I went to bed, I remembered they hadn’t yet gotten to the bathroom and there are tons of things in there they will reject. Right after my shower, I will box them up, too. I think I’ll have three self-packed boxes when I’m done which I will slip in with the others.

Lastly, the movers will not take anything flammable or explosive. This includes innocuous items like kitchen matches and cooking spray and more obvious items like propane tanks (even empty ones). If the truck took these items, they would have to follow procedures for transporting dangerous materials, which is a hassle. Although it seems like a good idea, I’m sure sneaking that Pam spray into a box violates all sorts of laws. Therefore, I, being the scrupulously law-abiding citizen that I am, would never do such a thing.

6 thoughts on “PCS Move Part V

  1. Did you hide it in the box of liquor? That would make for one great fire-starter….!!!

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  3. When we move I just throw everything together and wrap all the breakables in clothes, then hope for the best when the movers come. You have the process DOWN! I hope your move goes smoothly.

  4. haha, I might have smuggled some turpentine and linseed oil along with a bunch of my paints in our overseas move. Now we're talking international law breaking!

  5. Only one time was I grateful that the movers refused to pack something. The kids and I left Italy in May (Tim stayed until Sept) and I had bought several large chocolate Easter eggs (they are bigger than your head) to show the folks. Well…the movers said “No” and it was good because they would have melted and left a huge chocolate mess all over the rest of our stuff!

    Moral of the story: pack liquor, batteries, and spray oil, but don't pack the chocolate chips. Just eat them now!

  6. In a strange and twisted way, i miss all of this. We've been here 2 solid years with at least a year to go and I am itching to move on (even though we have no idea where we are going yet). It's not that I don't like it here, it's just that I'm ready to re-organize and rethink the house set up and layout. Time to move….We've moved every 2 to 21/2 years for the last 10 so staying somewhere for 3 years seems like FOREVER. You'd think posts about crazy movers would make me glad that it is you and not me…but no…it makes me even more ready to go!!!

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