If you give a mom a pie crust…

There was a pie crust in the freezer.

It would be a terrible thing to waste a pie crust. Almost as bad as wasting cider.

I wanted something that required very little purchasing of ingredients, and settled on Black Bottom Pie (similar to Martha’s, but not quite as fancy and using whipped cream instead of meringue). The only ingredient I lacked: heavy whipping cream.

I happened to need to go to that big warehouse store because my membership conveniently ends in another week, and diapers and dog food happen to be cheapest there, and we needed diapers and dog food. They had heavy whipping cream. In quarts. I only needed a pint, but I whipped the whole quart anyway.

I made Black Bottom Pie and shared with another family. It is all gone. Yum yum.

But then, I had two cups of homemade whipped cream.

It would be a terrible thing to waste two cups of homemade whipped cream.

And then I noticed, in my rapidly emptying refrigerator, a container of chocolate syrup. Chocolate syrup would never go to waste. In fact, I tried to bestow this chocolate syrup on a friend a week or so ago, but my children caught me. They didn’t seem to mind me giving her the teriyaki sauce, but the chocolate syrup? No way.

Anyway…inspiration hit, and I went to the store and bought ice cream.

Now, the whipped cream is almost gone and the chocolate syrup is almost gone, but we have a whole container of ice cream left.

No worries. There is no way ice cream will go to waste.

But as I consider the girth of my hips, I wonder: couldn’t I have made a quiche instead?

2 thoughts on “If you give a mom a pie crust…

  1. You are so funny! With all the moving you're doing, I doubt those calories will go to waste. I say bring on the comfort food. Are you exhausted yet?

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