I wanna wish you a merry funeral

I was running errands with Peter yesterday because I always run errands with Peter. It’s our “thing.” I asked him if he was going to come with me after Daddy came home, or if he would stay with Daddy.

“Stay with Daddy,” he said. Of course.

I will happily relinquish my crown as Most Favored Parent tomorrow.

While waiting for our turn at the gas pump, the song Feliz Navidad was on. I sang, because it’s a catchy song, and I tend to sing along to songs if I know the words. Sometimes even if I don’t.

When it ended, Peter asked me, “Did she die?”



I could not convince him it was Spanish for Merry Christmas. Nope, somebody is be-boppingly happy that Felice has died.

3 thoughts on “I wanna wish you a merry funeral

  1. That is hilarious! Poor Felice. Perhaps the same person who wrote this song stole Elise's song. (Have you heard Beethoven's wig?)

    I'm so happy for you guys that you're getting your man back, tomorrow! Enjoy!

  2. At least he comes by it honestly – You must have heard when Carl & Damian were teaching Bill the names of the pro football teams. For several years we failed to convince Bill that the team was NOT Damian's Ami Dolphins (my ami dolphins….)!

    Can't wait to hear that Bill is back in VA!


    Mom R.

  3. I am so excited for you! Happy reunion tomorrow!

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