Heading for home

Awesome friend of the day award goes to Christie who drove the half hour to my house to open the door for the Dell technician. I go home to an Internet connection. It only took three weeks. Dell emailed me a “satisfaction” survey a few days ago, and the next day emailed me a reminder. If there is a place to put open comments, I look forward to pointing out the ridiculousness of emailing a survey to a customer with a broken computer.

Awesome friend of the week award goes to Laurie who has welcomed the 7 of us into her home and even let the dog stay here. She has been just as consumed with finding me a house as I have. And I think she’s just as sick of it as I am. My last task before I leave here today is to do the final arrangements with the owner of the house right down the street. This place is almost perfect. The only drawback is that there are only three bedrooms, and if the third bedroom were as enormous as the second bedroom, it really would be perfect. Fortunately, the living space is so generous and well planned, that the sleeping space should not be a significant issue.

And how can you beat living a short walk from another military, Catholic, homeschool family with whom you enjoy spending time?

7 thoughts on “Heading for home

  1. Sounds like the trip was successful. I am so disappointed in Dell. Their customer service is usually fantastic. Definately give them heck for this one.

  2. Wow! You really lucked out! It looks like you already have one great friend there. I hope there are more like Laurie & Christie.

    I can't wait to hear more details on the house, neighborhood, church location, etc. Are there any hotel facilites within striking distance? We've been really spoiled by the Comfort Inn being so close to you in Va.

    Have a safe trip home!


    Mom R.

  3. Wow, I so need to read your blog more often! Totally missed the moving thing! Glad you found a house that should work. Prayers to you for a “stress-less” move (stress-free is too much to hope for!)

  4. score!

    best wishes,
    alicia w.

  5. Good job finding the house! I'll pray the move goes smoothly.

    I don't suppose you'd have a chance to head up my way for a cup of espresso before you head out???

    We'd love to host you. You have my email if you have a chance to take us up on the coffee!


  6. Awesome! Wow, you've got things lining up quick. Have a safe trip back up this way.

  7. Sounds lovely. And really, the 3rd bedroom things is minor. We often joke that we don't even need bedrooms for our kids. They spend all their time in the main room with us anyway. We can hardly get them to retreat to their own space (to give us a bit of our own space–ha! what's that?)
    And glad your computer situation is getting sorted.

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