Bits and pieces

I did not realize how exhausted I was until I had the opportunity to relax.

I spoke with an uncle last night who marveled that I drove so far with the kids. It was difficult, but not such a big deal. Of course, a woman I met years ago set the bar very high on such adventures. She drove from the East Coast to the West Coast while her husband was deployed. She had five young children and they camped along the way. Now that’s hard core. Me, I stopped at a motel and the trip only took 15 or 16 hours of driving. No big deal in comparison.

I had a turkey sandwich for lunch yesterday, but our main Thanksgiving dinner was lasagna. My dad doesn’t like turkey, so we never had that when I was growing up. In my adulthood, I’ve had turkey, mainly because my husband insists that it is the proper thing to do. My family is not so much concerned with tradition, especially when tradition does not please the palate.

My parent’s cat is unhappy about our presence. She has learned to avoid the children and the dog. The dog has learned that attacking the cat results in an electric shock (we have an electric dog collar). Mary has learned that cornering the cat results in pain. That was yesterday. Today she went back to trying to get close to the cat. I pointed to her hand and reminded her of the “owie” that the cat caused. She backed off, a little.

I’m contemplating going for a run. On the street, instead of a treadmill. But, having done this before, I’m hesitant to do it again, even if it isn’t the treadmill.

I’ve skyped with Bill several days in a row now. Happy to be here with a functioning computer instead of home with the large paperweight on my desk.

Off to the movies today. Planet 51.

4 thoughts on “Bits and pieces

  1. I think trips are the only way to handle deployment. This summer, I drove my two girls (2 and 6 months)from the west coast to the east coast and back. It killed 10 weeks! I brought my mother along for part of the trip and stayed in hotels or with friends, though. I'm not hard core enough to camp. That's impressive.

  2. i dont like turkey either. we always had ham to go along with the turkey.

  3. Just to clarify any misconceptions the cat is not our parents cat, but our sister's cat which has been left with them for close to ten years. All of our parent's pets have had much better dispositions.

  4. Glad you have hands-on help of the best sort (well, from the grandkids perspective anyway).
    Good to hear that you survived the road trip.

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