60 days instabilization

I fear my grip on my sanity is nearing its end. I think 8 days without a computer is heroic. But now that I’m trying to get ready for a very long car trip, it’s just not funny any more.

It’s like camping. It is fun when you plan for it. But to be suddenly roughing it without warning, the adventure grows wearisome quickly.

Anybody know any cheap motels in North Carolina that don’t mind dogs? I only plan to be there for a few hours to sleep. And tell me they won’t get all huffy about 6 children in the room with me. Sure, it’ll be tight, but we’re not moving in. I probably won’t even take a shower.

It’d be really nice to know how much money I really have in my checking account. Not just what it says online, but what my Quicken tells me I have.

But I think what is really doing me in are the micro-conversations I’m having with my husband via email, where it is uncomfortable to type long passages, or via phone where he either has a 15 minute time limit and some privacy or longer time but he’s in a room full of people.

Of course it is right now when I can’t communicate effectively that all hell is breaking lose.

Did I mention we’re moving? We’ve known this for some time, but there were two givens: we were going to Ft. Knox in Kentucky, and we had “60 days stabilization,” meaning we wouldn’t move for 60 days after his return.

Never believe anything the government tells you. Ever.

We are moving to Ft. Stewart in Georgia. We learned this a few weeks ago.

We are likely moving by the end of January. This is today’s news.

It’s ok. I can handle it.

But then I called Dell to see what the $(;/$& is up with my computer repair. The guy couldn’t help me.

Their computers were down.


18 thoughts on “60 days instabilization

  1. Best of luck in your move – we're new to this military bit, but already have lots of moving down – no fun! 🙂

    just so you know – no animals in any hotels in NC – they have a state law. when we used to drive from MD to FL as kids, my parents had to either stop in SC or make it all the way to VA because no one would take the dog.

    thats assuming you tell them, of course…. 😉

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry! Hope your computer is going to be fixed really soon, and that the road trip goes well. And for the move… you've been there, done that. Somehow you'll manage. Without losing kids, dogs, your husband or your sanity in the process. And that's all that counts. But to make sure I'll say a prayer for you!

  3. Wow! You are moving to my home state! Here is a site to find a hotel that accepts pets: http://www.petswelcome.com/
    If you look under “lodging” you can find hotels by route. Why couldn't you get stationed HERE? Did you see our dogs on TV? They're famous now – no autographs please. 🙂

  4. When it rains it pours! Only a little over a month 'til he comes home. That should be a little stabilizing, since the gov't isnt doing any stabilizing.

  5. Hope your computer is fixed soon. It would drive me crazy. Good luck with your move. God bless.

  6. Praying, praying, praying for you. You will get through this.

    It's times like this that St. Teresa of Avila's prayer comes in handy…

    Let nothing disturb you,
    nothing frighten you,
    all things are passing.
    God never changes.
    Patience always conquers.
    Whoever has God lacks nothing,
    for God alone suffices.

  7. Only believe what the military tells you when it's in writing, on your orders. And even then be a little skeptical unless you're actually in process….!! On the other hand, Ft. Stewart is supposed to be nice. We're in Georgia (Atlanta area) and love it. You'll be VERY close to Savannah, which is lovely. Which means your VERY close to the beach.

  8. Ugh! All of it. After 17 years, I've learned you can never, ever trust HRC.

    Praying for you all.

  9. Yikes!! I hope you enjoy your FL trip.
    Would have been nice if you'd been sent to Fort DIX instead. I'm just sayin'. I'd have brought some “welcome to NJ” cookies or maybe some Philly pretzels.
    Crossing my fingers that the computer is ALL better real quick!

  10. I've never wanted to live in Georgia, but you make me want to be stationed at Ft. Stewart now.

  11. We will be so sad to have you leave VA! Have a safe trip, and an easy move. Hoping your computer gets fixed too!

  12. Fort Stewart was our last duty station and there are still at least 2 wonderful Catholic homeschooling families there that I know will welcome you joyfully! Hope everything goes smoothly and that you have a wonderful trip to Florida.

  13. request to be at ft lewis! i have 4 computers. . . you could use 1

  14. Laughing out loud here. Gotta love the Army, dontcha? Prayers for a safe trip. Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Maybe you can find a campground that has camping cabins? A bit more rustic, but you might more easily slip in the kids and dog….

  16. Not Knox! Bummer…Guess Jenny can fill you in on Stewart, a place I've never been. I'll be so sad when you guys do leave! Sarah just left today 😦

    Enjoy good neighbors while you can! We're suppose to know where we're 90% likely to go before the newyear. Promises, promises, lol.

  17. Obviously, Uncle Sam ignored my request for you to move WEST! 😦

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