This is a Public Service Announcement

…from Margaret in Minnesota, who is more than happy to hack into Michelle’s blog and say the following:

Michelle is fine. Her family’s fine. Thanks be to God.

Her computer, however, is not fine. Her computer is decidedly unsympathetic to Michelle’s situation and has decided to take an indefinite break.

In other words, it’s broken.

Michelle will be back just as soon as she’s able. Meanwhile, you may pray for her and pray for Bill. Even better, you may send chocolate.

Send it in care of me, however. I will forward as much of it as I feel appropriate, given the inconsistent posting here at Rosetta Stone.

Yours on behalf of this blog and its AWOL blogger,

14 thoughts on “This is a Public Service Announcement

  1. Thank you, sweet hacker. I was getting worried!

  2. Thank you. I have been praying for them and hoping everything was ok.

  3. Margaret,

    Stealing(or redirecting) a woman's chocolate is an unspeakable crime.

    Seriously thanks for updating us.

  4. Thank you, Margaret. I have been wondering and I admit, I was a little worried (especially after Michele's last post).

  5. oh, good, i was wondering!

    do you prefer dark or milk?

  6. Thank you, Margaret!

    I prefer dark chocolate, but I'm not too choosy.

    If anybody knows of an app for an iTouch that permits blogger to blogspot, let me know, please. Most are for iPhones and won't work on my Touch (at least not how I can figure out), and another app downloaded, but didn't work. I can leave comments, but I can't post.

    And please pray that the parts come in quickly and the technicians have time for me ASAP. Thank goodness, it's all under warranty.

  7. Thank you Margaret (and Michele) for letting us know. I, too, was starting to get concerned.

  8. Thank you for the update. Dark Chocolate on the way. Computer or techinical help — beyond me.

  9. Thanks Margaret, from a lurker who is bemused to discover that other people think along the same lines!

  10. Have to chime in!
    Margaret, I was glad to read about your new stove, but even MORE glad to ready your post here.
    Michelle, I hope you are comforted to know how many people you don't even KNOW were concerned for you and continue to keep you and your family in our prayers.
    I was getting nervous here too…

  11. Joining right in with you all. Thank you Margaret. And very glad all is well in Michelle's world. God is good.

  12. Well, except for the computer of course.

  13. Glad all (except the computer) is well. 🙂

  14. Oh goodness! I think all the computers are conspiring against us. Chocolate…I've still got some halloween candy. But it's mostly sticky from all the grubby hands digging into it. You wouldn't want any of that.

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