My Parrot

“DOG-nacious!” exclaims the four year old.

Dognacious?” I repeat, inquiringly. I look over at the boy, down on his hands and knees, sweeping the leaves into the dust bin, his afternoon chore.

Dognacious? From the root dogno meaning I walk on four legs?

“Oh! PUG-nacious,” he corrects himself.

DOG – PUG. I get it. He’s just repeating his older siblings’ vocabulary words. No big deal. I’m sure there are many preschoolers who randomly exclaim words like pugnacious all the time.

One day this child will write things, and I will need a dictionary to read them.

One thought on “My Parrot

  1. Sounds like another Bill Buckley. I don't think there was ever an article, chapter, or speach from him that I didn't need to go find a dictionary. Who knows, maybe he'll start a whole movement like Buckley.

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