Today’s to-dos

On my plate today:

  • painting the hats we made for Zorro and Zorrito (Petey thought Fritz’s Zorro costume was cool and wanted to be that, too. Update: he’s changed his mind again, but the new one is no effort on my part!).
  • repairing the white robes I made for Princess Leia two years ago so that they can be reused as angels robes (we shall have a whole choir of them).
  • convincing all three boys that ordinary belts will work just fine for their costumes.
  • hemming the Zorro masks so that the boys don’t get frayed edges in their eyes while walking around tomorrow night.
  • making a Zorro cloak for Fritz.
  • checking angels wings and halos (made by the girls) to see if they need anything else.
  • checking temperatures and administering motrin if necessary to sick children, and hoping they are fever free by the end of the day, or no fun tomorrow. Everybody seems to be getting better today.
  • grocery store: we missed our usual Wednesday night shopping due to illness, and if I’m home instead of out on Saturday night, I will need candy to give out.
  • figuring out how to get my husband’s New Jersey absentee ballot to count. It arrived here early this week, but there was no way to get it to him (and back again) before the deadline. Surely there is some way for his vote to count. It’s expected to be a tight election.
  • laundry, cooking, cleaning…the usual.

It’s Friday. Another week over. Soon, another month over. Every day that passes lifts my spirits.

2 thoughts on “Today’s to-dos

  1. Sounds like a typical day before Halloween! Hope you take lots of pictures tomorrow!

    We're having a costune contest today here at work – I pulled together whatever I could find. If I can get someone to take my picture, you'll see me as Black Bart (only thing I'm missing is a toy rifle & six-gun with holster). Not very Nana-ish!

    Dad may have some suggestions on the absentee ballot.

  2. You can sign Bill's ballot for him. I've done it on a number of things (with Kerry's permission). I sign his name better than he does.

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