Army ACU Stockings

It’s that time of year again. People are googling “Army Stockings” and “ACU Stockings,” and my blog comes up near the top of the search.

I actually have a stock of these (maybe 20) that I can ship out, and I do have some cut up and ready to be stitched…in my free time…

This is pretty much what they look like (patches, teddy bear and candy cane not included). I do hope to post some new pictures soon (I think the new ones are bigger), but wanted to get this post up for those women out there looking to send something to their deployed sweethearts (who else would be looking in October for Christmas stockings?).

Price: $20 each plus S&H. I have to see how many will fit in a box before I calculate postage. I will take Paypal from anyone or a personal check from someone I know.

Email me (link on the top right under my header) if you are interested.

3 thoughts on “Army ACU Stockings

  1. BTW: I sold 6 of the 10 you sent me in 5 minutes and I haven't gotten them into the office yet.

    You need to stop homeschooling and get back on the sewing machine. :0)

    – The Jerk She Married

  2. LOL! Love Bill's comment!

  3. Michelle – you should have a “fan” page on fb!!
    -Angie Kasuske

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