Saturday Roundup

You know you’ve been at the fabric store too long when two different people ask you if you work there.

(Oh, but they had 40% off the loveliest brocades…)

If you only spend 60 seconds in the confessional, should you be pleased that the priest finds you so saintly…or should you be offended that he had no time for you?

A half a bottle of Spätlese really does make watching your friend’s four children seem no trouble at all.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Roundup

  1. Oh, the luxury of being alone in a fabric and/or craft store!

    If you had the same priest I did last time, I think we are on a different level of sin page from him.

  2. Oh fabric store!!! I don't really like he one by my house. The prices were rediculous and the service not so nice. Is there something better up by you?

  3. My daughter found G Street Fabrics when she was living in Arlington & took Michelle there. It beats JoAnn and they have great sales & bargains.

    Have fun, angoraknitter!

    BTW, have you been to Aylin's Wool Gatherer in Vienna? Small shop, but lots of cool yarn – found her at Stitches East one year.

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