Memory Lane

Bill and I have been emailing memories back and forth this month. Today is our 14th anniversary. And because we both like to keep things neat, we married on the same day we began to date. That anniversary is our 20th. I was 18; he was 21.

I don’t think most people will “get” many of these one-liners. They’re not for you – they are for us. His are in bold, and mine are in italic. These are just the ones from our engagement, wedding and honeymoon. (Note: his are romantic, mine are sarcastic, witty or detailed)

Asking your father for permission to marry you a little too far in advance

Getting on one knee and asking the most important question of my life

bridal fair (aka: your personal “Heidi” moment)

Seeing the most beautiful woman in the world taking my hand at the altar

perfect weather and beautiful pictures at a gorgeous park

Cutting the cake

realizing we had no keys to the getaway car

Dancing to Elvis

But I don’t want to go to the parking lot at the Nuerburgring

what do you mean the office is closed?

pasta mafiosso

Frau Rau

Wuerzburg’s closed on Mondays?

Bartering for a hotel room

Drinking wine in Trier by the black gate and beer in Munich

Der Dom Tuer ist schluss Tuer! (RING!)

Ten km from Fuessen.

trying to spell our last name using a combination of German and English letters and not being able to find the keys or my wallet or whatever and having to go back to the pension only to find they were with me the whole time (aka: when you find out you married a ditz).

Disappointment at Nymphenburg (swans in the mud)

venison aspic (Augustiner Braeu)

No room at Garmisch and the VERY American woman at the pension

The bridge at Neuschwanstein

And that smaller castle with one bedroom and the table that lowered to the basement kitchen. (Schloss Linderhof)

And finally, a terrible train ride, a long flight, an end to a honeymoon, but the beginning of a beautiful marriage.

19 thoughts on “Memory Lane

  1. Happy Anniversary! How did I just realize that you were 18 when you got married????

  2. No, Rachel, we started DATING when I was 18 (20 years ago). Married when I was 24 (14 years ago). Sorry for the confusion.

  3. Happy Anniversary! What a great idea and I just have to agree with your husband that you were a gorgeous bride! And it was fun seeing your hubby with all that facial hair!

  4. Happy Anniversaries! Your wedding dress looks eerily similar to my sister Jenn Miller's wedding dress. Love the pictures.

    Jessica Angsten

  5. Happy Anniversary! You honeymooned during Oktoberfest — what a beautiful drunken thing!

  6. Charlotte, I did want to include those bearded pictures because he never has facial hair now.

    Jessica, I wore my grandmother's dress – 60 years old and in perfect condition despite never being “preserved.”

    I will have to have your sister show me a photo.

    Barb, alas, for various reasons we began our trip in the central part of Germany and did not get to Munich until the Oktoberfest was over. We're saving that trip for some other time. But he must take me to Italy, Austria and Hungary first.

  7. LOVE the pictures! It's funny to see Bill with all that hair and a mustache!

  8. yeah, i was thinking you started dating when you were 12. glad to know it was actually 18.
    happy anniversary!!

  9. Happy Anniversary. Extra prayers today.

  10. Congrats! Many many more!!

  11. Great minds think alike. My hubby and I got married on the anniversary of our first date. We've known each other 22 years and have been married 18.

    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! May God continue to Bless your marriage!

  12. Happy Anniversary! God bless you both and only 66 days to go! (I'm a cheater – I have the Saint Nicholas countdown screensaver.) 😉

  13. Much happiness to you both! May you have MANY MORE happy, healthy years together–and may he soon return safely to you and your family.

    My husband and I also got married on our “dating anniversary.” Only 1 year later, though–we met each other when I was 24.

  14. Happy Anniversary!!! Prayers that you two will be together again, soon.

  15. Wow, Bill with civilian hair! Happy Anniversary!

  16. How sweet. Love to you, Michelle. Lots and lots of love.

  17. Happy Anniversary!!

  18. Happy Anniversary to both of you and many more happy years together! dschnell

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