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Dressed for Mass. I’ve been fighting this girl for over a week now with the new clothes that she doesn’t like. Mary Janes? Tights? No way, she says. New pants? New shirts? What’s wrong with the summer clothes? She remembers this dress from early spring, so at least I have that.

Birthday girl. I forgot to mention that Jenny had one of these last weekend. Yesterday she asked me if I wished I were 6 again. I told her when I was 6, I didn’t have her daddy or her or her brothers and sisters in my life, so, no, I would not want to be 6 again. (Oh, but to have that simple life…)

[photo removed at the request of an overly sensitive 6 year old]

Self photography. Jeepers, creepers. Where’d she get those peepers? Gosh, oh golly, where’d she get those eyes?

Peter is posing with his “new” football outfit. This fit Billy not too long ago. Billy is thrilled that now he and Peter can play on the same team (Billy has a bigger jersey now). Amazingly, Billy will wear Fritz’s old Packers jersey, as long as they aren’t playing each other like last weekend.

One thought on “More pictures

  1. Oh my looks like the tops is getting a little snug though. I'm glad she still likes the dress so much that it's an acceptable selection. 🙂

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