Exactly my Point

Mother says doctors refused to treat infant because of U.K. health rules

Sorry, the government rules have established a cutoff date of 23 weeks gestation. Too bad for your baby.

A prime example of why the government should not be involved in medical decisions. This is a life or death situation, and we’re fooling ourselves if we think government involvement won’t bite us in our rears sooner or later.

And what makes me so very very mad, is that gestational dates are highly inaccurate, especially when you are establishing cutoff dates and refusing care because the baby’s estimated gestation is two days shy of the date at which you would provide care.

They treated her like it was a miscarriage.

This is murder, folks. No easy way around it. Refusing treatment to a baby showing signs of hope (the baby lived for two hours). We are sliding down that slope.

5 thoughts on “Exactly my Point

  1. Please also note that when people start comparing our infant mortality rate to that of the UK or other countries, it is because we would count Baby Jayden as a born-alive child who died. The UK as well as many other countries say Baby Jayden was stillborn, never existed, doesn't need to be counted.

  2. There is a joke, that in Canada and England, pre-natal care involves a 6 month waiting list for you to see an administrator, who can schedule you for a doctor's appointment in 6-7 months.

  3. elizabeth beat me to it but yes, it happens here. disgusting!!

  4. Some days, I wish I could close my eyes to all of this horror. But, then I look at my children's faces and think about the faces of my future children, nieces, nephews, neighbors, grandchildren, grand-nieces, grand-nephews…
    I guess we have to keep on fighting for THEM and not let dispair over news like this overwhelm our resolve to FIGHT!

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