6 thoughts on “Just one question

  1. Yeah, if it were my child, it wouldn't have been slight swelling, either. Plus, he probably wouldn't have had swelling in other areas of his body for a very long time. Maybe a couple broken ribs. Who knows? Wow.

  2. I didn't know this story.
    I think as a bystander I may have pelted him with a barrage of Walmart brand soda bottles.
    He's “ill” right?
    He has to be.

  3. Wow, that made my stomach churn! I don't know exactly what I would have done if some stranger had done that to my child, but I do know how I confronted my own mom for spanking my son years ago(without my permission and for a very minor incident). I can tell you, it would NOT have been pretty–mama bear protecting her bear cubs, and all–not pretty at all!

  4. I think that man would have unleashed the mama bear in me if he had dared to do that to my child.

  5. I understand the urge to discipline others' undisciplined children (not saying this kid was undisciplined), but you don't do it! You say something to the parent and/or walk away. Keep your hands to yourself. Didn't we learn that when we were kids?

    Wonder how this guy's kids are getting along in life.

    Just about every woman I know whould have attacked him and he would be eating through a straw.

  6. I'm with Kristina. The man wouldn't be able to walk. How awful!

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