Chore Time

I just finished reading Managers of Their Chores: A Practical Guide to Children’s Chores (the book was loaned to me by Angoraknitter). If you struggle with home management, and I know many do, this may be the book for you.

Most of the book is dedicated to explaining why children should be doing chores, which I didn’t really need. Some of the book talked about having a good attitude (both the parents and the children) toward doing chores. Since I am the only person in this house who seems to like doing housework, there was some good advice here. I especially liked the back of the book with their “troubleshooting guide” written like the manual for an appliance (Problem: children won’t do chores; Possible Cause: no consequences for not doing chores).

Very valuable was the Master List of chores in the back which seems pretty thorough. This is a list of most things that need to be done around the house with the idea that you use this list to assign frequency and person to the chore (including Mom and Dad).

I really like the idea of young children taking their chore list with them (the book comes with special holders that clip to clothing). They claim that this helps keep distracted children on task. Since this is a huge problem in this household, I will be finding out really soon if this does, in fact, work. Sounds like it should.

Finally, and most appealing, is the ability to purchase software that will help you manage your chores and also the ability to print out the chore cards using their online program, including picture chore cards for those who can not yet read. I’m not clear if the chore cards require the additional purchase of the software or if that is provided free for book owners. I’ll have to buy the book first to find out. Anyone could get by with handwritten cards or ones done on the computer yourself, but having personally spent hours looking for appropriate free clipart to use for various chore charts over the years, having a resource of related artwork on hand is worth the money to avoid all that work.

2 thoughts on “Chore Time

  1. The book with chore packs include card sheets which you make up yourself and four little clip on card holders the kids can wear around the house. But be warned, I had to redo a chore pack because one particular child tossed his chore pack into the laundry and it got washed. And our chore packs kept coming up missing. So I was not as successful with those as I'd hoped. I still think it's a good idea, I just need to figure out how we can keep from loosing them when I don't stand over them the whole time.

  2. I've been toying with MOTC too… just not sure if it will be another gimmick that helps me for a bit and then I fall back into my lazy ways. Nice to read another review of it!

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